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API Policies (provisional)

Users of this service must

  • Provide proof that they are an authorized representative of their company, non-profit or academic institution.
  • Only use the service for:
    • Improving the security of their own service/product offerings.
    • Improving KYC/AML processes.
    • Reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Secure their API credentials.
  • Ensure that any information obtained is secured against inadvertent disclosure by taking all commercially reasonable steps.
  • Follow the laws of their local jurisdiction.
  • Delete any information obtained through the API within 30 days.

Users of the service must not

  • Use the API, or any data obtained through the API, for malicious, illegal or dishonest purposes.
  • Allow their credentials to be used by anyone outside of their organization.
  • Use any credentials on third-party websites or services (unless with prior authorization from the affected user and service provider).

Users of the service are encouraged to

  • Attempt to notify affected users and/or service providers that they may be the victim of a data breach.